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About Rix The Mix

Rix The Mix is a small DJ business operated out of Walla Walla Washington by Richard and Lori Bessey.
Richard Bessey started DJ'ing when he was a sophmore in Highschool after attending a dance at the local highschool and he thought he could do a better job. Richard and some of his friends were able to piece together some guitar amplifiers, home stereo equipment, and car audio equipment and started providing the music for the school dance.
As time went on, Richard Bessey kept DJ'ing through highschool and during his senior year of highschool did his senior project on starting a small business DJ'ing. What Richard learned from this was trying to make it on DJ'ing alone was hard, and he decided to keep DJ'ing as a part time job and pursue computer technology for full time employment.
Years have passed, the home stereo equipment has been all replaced with professional audio equipment and lighting and Richard has refined his DJ'ing skills through the years and used technology to provide better entertainment.
Richard married Lori in 2006 and Lori started to help out at some of the larger gigs.
The reason Richard got into DJ'ing and keeps doing it is the feeling behind you get behind the table you get when entertaining a big crowd.

Rix The Mix DJ Service has performed at multiple venues in the Walla Walla Valley. Everywhere from Dayton Washington to Tollgate Oregon. We have performed at wineries, cabins, wedding venue's, farms, barns, multi-purpose rooms, camps, etc...

Through 20+ years of DJ'ing, Richard has learned how to work with a variety of audiences. Everything from the big band music of the 50's, hip hop, rap, top 40, country, pop music, we got it all and have worked with the younger age groups (Junior High) as well.