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In the school year of 1998, a bunch of buddies and I began doing the music for the local high school. We thought we could do slightly better then the ASB officers. We rigged up some car stereo equipment, home made lights, and other creations and began DJ'ing. This continued throughout the school years until the year of 2000. This is the year I graduated from high school.

Now, as I continue through college I am continuing DJ’ing as a part time business, or as everyone says - a hobby. Whatever you call it, I just have a passion to put on a great show.

While still in high school, I did my senior project on starting a small business, and used my DJ'ing operation as an example. This has proved to be very beneficial to me throughout the years. During this project I created a name for myself. I started employing my brother (Michael) as an assistant who interacts with the crowd and he works with the song requests.
Also during my senior year, I began to purchase my own equipment. I was beginning to be called by people in Prescott, Touchet, and Pomeroy to do gigs for them. I also began to subscribe to Promo Only to help keep up to date with the latest music. That's how it all started.

Since then, I have still been growing through the years. Currently, I have well over $4,000 invested in the equipment and music and years of DJ experience. DJ'ing has kind of taken a back seat because of my current college commitments at EWU. But I am still gigging like normal.

Richard Bessey
DJ and MC
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